Agreements and partnerships

BabeliUM has cooperation agreements and partnerships with local, regional and international entities: European and Asian universities, cultural institutions, research centres, private schools and education cooperatives.

International Partners

Local and Regional Partners


Member of ReCLes (Portuguese Association of Language Centres in Higher Education) and CercleS (European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education), BabeliUM participates in several programmes to promote multilinguism, making it a reference language centre in European Higher Education. International students seek BabeliUM to complete their traineeship. Under mobility programmes, such as Erasmus, BabeliUM organises traineeships for future language professionals. Trainees generally teach a short beginner’s course in their mother tongue, perform translations and/or revisions/proofreading, as well as some administrative tasks. Students from universities of Spain, USA, France, Poland, the UK and Turkey have performed their traineeships in BabeliUM.