BabeliUM provides specialised translation services in various fields and areas of activity, diverse language combinations and different types of text.

Language direction

  • PT – Foreign Language
  • Foreign Language – PT
  • Foreign languages: German, Spanish, French, English, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian


  • Scientific and technical translation
  • Official documents


  • Quality, accuracy, efficiency
  • Deadline compliance

Parallel to the translation service, BabeliUM also provides technical and linguistic revision/proofreading services of academic and scientific texts.
These projects also aim to develop and consolidate specialised terminology through the use of computer-assisted translation tools.

Certified Translation
What do you know about certified translation?
In Portugal, a sworn translator does not exist, and therefore the entire official certification process goes through notaries, solicitors, lawyers, etc.
This service may be requested at BabeliUM upon translation request.

BabeliUM translates for a vast range of institutions, associations and business sectors, such as tourism, health, renewable energy, training, cooperation and solidarity, agri-food, construction, cultural industries, footwear, amongst many others. Be a part of this group!

For more information, contact us through

For more information, contact us through

Coordinator of the Linguistic Services:Amélia Carvalho


What to do in case I need translation services?

The requester must send an email to, specifying the source language and the target language (language combination: Portuguese-English, English-Portuguese, or other), deadline, field or nature of work (technical, specialised, legal, certificate, etc.), as well as the length of the document (approximate number of pages). We also need the requester to provide us with a direct contact, phone number and/or email, in order to formalise the request.

Do I have to provide any more information?

In order to provide the most reliable budget possible, it would be best if you could provide us the document to be translated in its original form, in editable format or scanned. Therefore, you should attach the document(s) to your request so we can analyse and give you a budget.

How is my request processed?

On receipt of your request, the requester will be contacted by email or telephone in order to be informed of the conditions regarding the translation service. In parallel, an email with the budget will also be sent if requested.
The translation service will only be performed after the requester’s acceptance, by email, of our conditions presented in the budget.

How can I minimize the costs/maximise the benefits of a translation agency?

When you think of a translation agency, try to specify your project as much as possible. Make a list of what is important to you and send an email or fax to the translation team. Clearly explain the nature and specificity of your document. What are the working languages? Is it a scientific translation? Do they already have a terminology database? Do not forget to ask important questions in advance. Remember that time constraints may affect the price and accuracy of a translation.

Why is there such a price difference in professional translation?

The diverse translation agencies have varying strengths and weaknesses and work on different scales. You should consider the following questions:
• What is the degree of experience and training of translators?
• Is the translator aware of the technology available to improve accuracy, coherency and consistency throughout the document?
• Is revision/proofreading included?
• Is professional or technical expertise needed?
• Is there a responsible project manager?
• Is there a team of translators or just one?
The more questions you make before accepting the offer, the less surprised you will be when the project is returned to you.

Does BabeliUM only perform translations into Portuguese?

No. As BabeliUM has a team of native collaborators in several languages, it can offer a wide range of language combinations, whether involving or not Portuguese. However, we suggest that you send us an email indicating the working languages, as well as the type and specificity of the text/document to be translated.