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  1. Setting the value of the attendance fees and the enrollment fee ( non-refundable amounts ) is the responsibility of the Board of BabeliUM , subject to the approval of the ELACH School Board, and authorized by the Management Board of the University of Minho;
  2. Upon submission of the registration, the registration fee is due . The amount in question should only be paid when the administrative services are notified.
  3. The school calendar as well as the enrollment period for each course will be stipulated by the Management of BabeliUM – Centro de Idiomas.
  4. The Language Courses operate at the two campuses of the University of Minho (Gualtar or Azurém) and have different teaching hours and schedules . It is up to those interested to check the data of the intended course before enrolling. Reading errors do not justify the refund .
  5. Course progression is defined according to the CEFR parameters ( levels, skills). In the name of the course, the levels and/or skills to be achieved are indicated, with the choice of level being the responsibility of the interested party . In cases of doubt, it is recommended to carry out a diagnostic test available online.
  6. The numerus clausus of each class is 40 , with the exception of conversation courses , where the maximum number of students is 20 . More students may be admitted in special cases and with the agreement of the teacher.
  7. Payment of the overall amount of the attendance fee and registration fee must be made in a single installment at the beginning of the Course . Exceptional situations may eventually be analysed, upon presentation of a substantiated request addressed to the Director of BabeliUM – Centro de Línguas.
  8. Students , faculty and non-teachers of the University of Minho will benefit from the “internal student” attendance rate , when duly proven ; members of AAEUM ; associates of Casa do Professor ; researchers from the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL); unemployed (duly proven); Schools in the APPEAL network (teachers and students from 16 years old / minors with authorization only); AFUM members and direct family members; Students enrolled in the free course for people over 23 years of age ; Associates ofSocial Fund Municipality of Braga and direct family members; Collaborators Theatro Circo ; Contributors Edit Value ; Collaborators Fundação Bracara Augusta . Other cooperation protocols may be envisaged that give the right to a reduction in attendance rates, even on a temporary basis.
  9. At the end of the course , each student will receive a certificate indicating the level obtained in accordance with the parameters defined by the CEFR . If it is impossible to assess the level , or if it is lower than »A1 , the student who has attended at least 75% of the classes may request a certificate of participation .
  10. In the case of partial attendance , a certificate of participation will be issued, which will contain the total number of hours attended . Reference to the levels obtained in accordance with the CEFR will only be made if the teacher has sufficient elements for the assessment. In other cases, the evaluation of competences through an exam may be considered.
  11. During the 1st month of classes , enrollments in the Courses may be accepted subject, however, to existing vacancies. After this period, registrations will only be accepted with the favorable opinion of the respective teachers. In these situations, a late fee will apply in addition to the registration fee/attendance fees.
  12. In case of need to change schedules , and whenever this makes it impossible for a student to attend, their enrollment will be transferred to another available course/schedule . As a last resort, the trainee may request reimbursement, through a duly documented and signed process.
  13. BabeliUM will issue a declaration of enrollment in the course after payment of the enrollment fee , which can be used to apply for a visa . It is, however, the sole responsibility of the student to take care of the entire process leading to obtaining the visa.