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Enrolment must be done though our online application form in our website :

When you submit the application form, you agree to the payment of the registration fee (40€). 

The payment of the Course (tuition and registration fees) is to be done only upon request by BabeliUM – Centro de Línguas.


BabeliUM has two types of tuition fees for its courses, the internal and the external tuition fee. The registration fee is the same for every student enrolled. 

Internal tuition fee: University of Minho’s students, teaching and non-teaching staff; members of AAEUM (Alumni Association of the University of Minho); members of Casa do Professor; International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) researchers; unemployed applicants; schools belonging to the APPEAL network (teachers and students above 16 / minors only with authorisation from their parents or guardians); AFUM (Staff Association) members and respective descendants; students enrolled in the preparation course for Higher Education Attendance (over 23 years old); Fundo Social Município de Braga members and respective descendants; staff of Theatro Circo; staff of Edit Value; staff of Fundação Bracara Augusta. To be entitled to this tuition fee, the interested party should, when filling their application form, enclose the respective documents of proof. 

Students under temporary protection: all refugee citizens benefit from a free course of Portuguese as a Foreign Language. If they want to enrol in a new course, they must pay the Erasmus fee (€100), regardless of the course in which they enrol. This is our lowest tuition fee and will continue to be our contribution to the linguistic integration of these people. All refugee citizens who wish to enrol will be put on a waiting list and will be contacted before the courses start. They will be integrated into their classes, filling the places that are not occupied by paying students, up to the limit of the capacity of each class.


The prices offered by BabeliUM are very low and are destined to cover its running costs. They also allow for the learning of less taught languages and the launch of specialised training courses.

Therefore, we cannot offer any discounts apart from the tuition fee defined as “internal”. We ask all students and general public for their understanding.

BabeliUM may extend the access to the “internal” tuition fees by establishing cooperation protocols and by temporarily establishing special campaigns.


Elements required for Enrolment:

  • Fill in the Application form
  • Copy of a valid ID or passport (for students enrolling in the Courses of Portuguese as a Foreign Language)
  • Proof that you are a student of the University of Minho / AAEUM member card / Casa do Professor member card / proof that you are a researcher at INL / teaching or non-teaching staff card / proof of unemployed status / proof that you work or study at one of the schools belonging to the APPEAL network / proof of enrolment in the preparation course for Higher Education Attendance (over 23 years old) / Fundo Social Município de Braga member card; proof that you work at Theatro Circo; proof that you work at Edit Value; proof that you work at Fundação Bracara Augusta.
  • Confirmation of knowledge and acceptance of the General Norms that regulate the courses.
  • Minors only with authorisation from their parents or guardians: Declaration Mode


  • At the premises of the BabeliUM Centro de Idiomas Secretariat, in Gualtar ,  by check (payable to the University of Minho)  or by Multibanco (TPA), making it possible to pay with the following cards: Visa; Visa Electron; Interlink; MasterCard; Conductor; UnionPay Debit; UnionPayCredit; Union Pay Q-Cash; ATM.
  • By bank transfer (IBAN of the University of Minho), sending the corresponding receipt to BabeliUM’s email .

Note : As of the 2019/2020 academic year, the cash payment method will not be available at the Administrative Services of BabeliUM (Building Nº 5). Cash payments can only be made by users at the Treasury branches of the University of Minho (Gualtar campus, Building No. 10).