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The University of Minho fulfills, with its membership of the European Council of Languages (CEL / ELC), in 2006, and with its continuous participation in various European network projects in the area of language learning throughout life, a dynamic role within the strategic framework for multilingualism and interculturality , thus contributing to Portugal’s policy as a Member State of the European Union.

As of 2009, this function has been carried out by BabeliUM – Language Center of the School of Letters, Arts and Human Sciences of the University of Minho (Uminho).

In all projects and programs, BabeliUM’s main objective is to contribute to Uminho’s excellence at an international, national and regional (cross-border) level. For this purpose, BabeliUM establishes a strategic collaboration with internal and external partners , in favor of Uminho as an internationalized university , open to the plurality of languages and cultures and as a dynamic hub of a region of knowledge and culture .

At national level , the BabeliUM Language Center is a member of the Association of Higher Education Language Centers in Portugal (, through a 2009 cooperation protocol, thus becoming associated with the European Confederation of Higher Education Language Centers European (CercleS).

Organization of the IV CercleS Seminar, in Braga, Campus de Gualtar, April 26 to 28, 2012.

BabeliUM participated and still participates in several multilateral , networking and comparative research programs within the scope of the Lifelong Learning Program of the EAC Agency (Education, Audiovisual & Culture) of the European Union, in the area of Multilingualism:

TNP3 – D

Conference for Southern Europe, Braga, 18 June 2007





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